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Virtual Reality Therapy with



Overview of VR therapy with CUREO®:

  • Intersectoral rehabilitation

  • Modular structure

  • Relief of staff thanks to patients who can be treated in parallel

  • Wide range of application

  • Innovative functions thanks to VR

  • Proven application suitability in use in leading clinics

Targeted Modules

Targeted Modules in VR

The different CUREO® modules are structured progressively and can be adapted to the individual needs of each patient. Various levels of difficulty can easily be adapted to the patient's abilities.

Discover our 6 Therapy Modules:


Stimulate and activate attention


Motor training of the upper extremities


Cognitive and sensory training


Neuro-regulation and relaxation


Fine motor skills of

fingers and hands


Practice of everyday skills

CUREO Functions

Further Information

In our brochure you will find all the information you need at a glance and can share it with your relatives, therapists and doctors. 

Functions of CUREO®

Embodiment via avatar: Patient movements are transferred to virtual reality in real time. 

Our VR mirror therapy is unique in precision and overcomes physical limits.

Curiosity and the joy of movement are awakened in a playful way thanks to gamification.

Sonification - the sounding of movement - promotes body awareness.

Enriched Environments encourage exploration.

Thanks to training plans, therapy can be planned and automated. 

Motion sickness prevention for dizziness-free therapy.

Satisfied patients thanks to motivating therapy.

Update CUREO® 3

Optimized therapy with efficient and intuitive tools

  • Long-lasting motivation thanks to more gamification 

  • Improved, playful exercises for fine motor skills of the fingers and hands 

  • Increased data security 

  • Quick calibration and ease of use 

  • Extension of the multilingual system 

Further information

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Marcel Goldstein

Sales Director

+49 176 44 22 95 58

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