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Innovative, smart therapy systems for
Clinics, medical practices and retirement homes

CUREO® for your patients


CUREO® increases therapy frequency

CUREO® makes therapy more efficient

CUREO® motivates
your patients

With CUREO®, several patients can be treated simultaneously by only one therapist thanks to small group therapy.

Automation promotes therapy frequency and efficiency: Therapists are relieved and can still treat more patients.

In playful therapy applications, motivation and readiness for therapy are promoted by the patients.

CUREO® is already being used here, among other things:

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For which facilities is CURE suitable?

  • (Rehab) clinics

  • Physio- and ergotherapy practices

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Nursing homes

  • Medical practices

  • and many more

CUREO® is mobile, quick to set up and offers extensive therapy options in a compact system. 

Sensorimotor therapy with CUREO®:

  • Stroke

  • Paraplegia

  • Craniocerebral Trauma

  • Neurodegenerative diseases 

  • Motor movement restrictions of the upper extremities

  • and many more

A detailed overview of the wide range of applications can be found here: 

CUREO® can be used intersectorally from phase B to F of rehabilitation. 

Die Analyse der Zahlen

Clinical evidence

Current studies prove: The use of virtual reality shows great potential in therapy. CUREO® is an innovative pioneer in international clinics and practices. 

What experts say

"CUREO has the potential for many significant developments in the therapy of neurological diseases. VR therapy with CUREO is playful and easy and patients have a high affinity for it in almost every age group. In addition, CUREO can be used at high frequency, which is a great enrichment in neuro-rehabilitation. The gaze control also enables patients with motor difficulties to perform intensive therapy."

Prof. Dr. Thomas Mokrusch


Professor of Neurology

Further information

In our brochure you will find all the information you need at a glance and can share it with your relatives, therapists and doctors. 

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