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CUREO in use at Segeberger Clinics

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

With the launch of CUREO, we were able to equip the Segeberger Clinics as one of our customers with therapy systems. With CUREO we offer physicians and therapists new possibilities to create an exciting, diversified therapy experience for patients and motivate them to unimagined achievements.

We are very proud to count the Segeberger Clinics as a strong customer of CUREosity. With the largest neurological rehabilitation facility in the north of Germany, Segeberger Clinics offers a wide range of treatment with an equally wide range of therapeutic services. In specialist areas such as physiotherapy, physical therapy and neuropsychology, patients receive the best possible treatment to help them regain their mobility and independence step by step.

Patienten nutzen CUREO

CUREO now adds a revolutionary form of therapy to the already advanced equipment of the Segeberger Clinics, opening up entirely new perspectives of rehabilitation for therapists and patients. Particularly in the specialist clinic for Parkinson's disease and movement disorders, as well as in the soon-to-be-opened day clinic, CUREO offers a new, motivating therapy experience. In close cooperation with the Segeberger Clinics, a Parkinson's-specific, digital health application is also to be developed that is explicitly oriented to the corresponding clinical picture. This will enable affected patients to experience a form of therapy perfectly tailored to them.

Neurologie Segeberger Kliniken

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Followed by the successful CE certification of the CUREO software as a medical device at the end of January, the introduction of CUREO into everyday clinical practice followed together with the team from CUREosity. In addition to the technical functions, the individual elements were explained and the therapists were able to familiarize themselves with the different modules. In particular, our virtual orchard, where patients can pick fruit from higher branches, as well as the fascinating space environment in the Meteor game, appealed right away. In addition, the clinic staff was thrilled with the updates that have been implemented by CUREosity since our last appointment.


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