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CUREO VR therapy in Segeberger clinics

More and more clinics, both in Germany and internationally, are using CUREO within their daily therapy routine. Thanks to the wide range of applications, a wide variety of indications can be treated with CUREO, and the short set-up time and mobility allow therapists to use the system flexibly. The example of the Segeberger Kliniken, which have already been using VR therapy since 2021, shows how CUREO can be integrated into the therapeutic facility in concrete terms.

A separate room was set up in the day clinic of the Bad Segeberger Kliniken for CUREO therapy. A special highlight is the ceiling construction with height-adjustable ropes and safety belts, so that the therapy can be carried out secured against falling while standing.

Smart therapy concepts

A smart, counter-height sideboard not only serves as an ideal storage surface for tablets during therapy. Here, the devices can also be stored and charged in the drawers between use.

VR Therapy with CUREO

In addition, the therapists at the Bad Segeberger clinics developed their own concept to fully exploit the potential of VR therapy. Together, therapy goals were developed, suitable patients defined and contraindicators specified. Thus, the use of VR therapy in post-stroke patients is prescribed by occupational therapists as motor training of the upper extremities. Initially, the therapy period is set at 3 weeks, but it can be extended if necessary.

In the day clinic, all suitable Parkinson's patients receive therapy with CUREO as amplitude training, for relaxation and/ or tone regulation.

Modern stroke therapy

Currently, two groups are treated with CUREO twice a week at fixed times. Depending on the abilities and needs of the patients, work is done primarily either sitting or standing. For stroke patients, for example, therapy can be carried out in a seated position with or without a table. One therapist looks after two patients. Patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, on the other hand, are treated primarily in a standing position. Here, even 5 patients can be cared for in parallel by two therapists, which saves time and personnel.

Our new video offers further insights:


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