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CUREosity at congress "World Federation for Neurorehabilitation"

This year's WFNR Congress (World Federation for Neurorehabilitation) was full of interesting presentations, studies and findings. For CUREosity, it also led to many interesting conversations and a lively exchange about the possibilities of VR in rehabilitation.

There were several events on the topic of virtual reality. The general tenor confirmed the impression that also emerged at the DGNR: VR is increasingly establishing itself as another building block in rehabilitation and the benefits are reflected in many studies as well as clinical data.

VR in rehabilitation

Important remains the common effort to develop VR therapy on a high quality level with a neurophysiologically well thought-out and user-centered design. Furthermore, the advantages of fully-immersive therapy with VR goggles compared to partially-immersive therapy on a monitor also became apparent.

In our poster session, our CEO Thomas Saur presented that therapists perceived an increased motivation in patients through our therapy system CUREO.
WFNR CUREosity VR Therapie

In addition, it was shown that none of the patients suffered from motion sickness. Data was collected on CUREO 1.5 and CUREO 2.0. The changes between the systems (hand tracking, improved usability, improved modules) suggest that CUREO 2.0 has an even more positive effect on patient motivation.

For even more insights on presentations and congresses, the article on the DGNR is also very interesting:


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