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Diving Deeper Episode with CUREosity is online!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

We've been eagerly waiting for it, and now it's finally online: The new episode of Diving Deeper with CUREosity.

Our CEO Thomas Saur was interviewed by mymuesli co-founder Max Wittrock. The two talked about the founding history of CUREosity, how positive the first feedbacks already were or on which technologies our VR therapy software CUREO is based.

Afterwards, Max put on the VR goggles and our CEO guided him through some therapy applications. Max was fascinated by the new world that surrounded him.

But pictures speak louder than words - you can watch the full video on Vodafone's YouTube channel.

Once again, we would like to thank the entire team very much - from the organization beforehand to the finished video, we are more than thrilled!

The "Diving Deeper" format is produced by Vodafone Business and the agency OMR. In this series of videos, Max Wittrock talks with digital startups about their foundation, business models, innovative ideas or success stories. Short videos show interesting insights into the individual businesses and the talks between Max and his partners let the viewer dive deeper into the history and vision of the startups.


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