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Funding in the amount of € 3.5 million!

We are very pleased to announce that we have received funding in the amount of € 3.5 million! The TechVision Fund, together with the Business Angels, has invested in CUREosity and thus set a new course for the development of further, innovative forms of therapy.

Our business model as well as our virtual reality therapy system CUREO, which is already used in several clinics and facilities, convinced the investors. "With CUREO, CUREosity is moving at the intersection of several megatrends," says Bernhard Kugel, managing director of the TechVision Fund's management company. "Both the growing digital health market and the medical-social development and the need for efficient forms of therapy with gamification are the drivers for the success of the innovative solution."

Convinced by quality

Since the last financing round in 2019, in which CUREosity received funding of €1.1 million, the emerging company has developed rapidly. In February 2021, CUREosity launched its innovative VR therapy system, and at the same time, the CUREO software was CE certified as a medical device. The positive feedback from doctors, therapists and patients as well as the rapid deployment of CUREO in leading clinics underline the great potential of therapy with VR. The novel form of rehabilitation, which promotes patient motivation and readiness for therapy and enables therapy that can be adapted to the individual, convinces users and sets CUREO apart from other providers.

CUREosity mit dem TechVision Fonds und Business Angels

Big plans for the future

Our now more than 30 employees at the Düsseldorf office are working flat out to develop additional features for CUREO as well as further products that combine both the latest technologies and neuroscientific findings. "With the TechVision Fund, we have not only received fresh capital, but have also gained an excellent partner to support us in realizing our goals," says CFO Caesar van Heyningen. "In the next step, we will address further markets such as outpatient practices and senior and nursing homes. The topic of internationalization is also on our agenda. Now that we are already represented in the DACH market, CUREO will also be deployed in international markets in the near future," Caesar van Heyningen further states.

Great demand for efficient, motivating therapies

The need for mature, efficient, motivating therapy is very great in all these areas. "More and more people are suffering from the consequences of strokes, Parkinson's disease and neuropathy, through to musculoskeletal disorders. The rising number of cases is due not least to demographic change, i.e. an aging society," says Thomas Saur, founder and CEO of CUREosity. "Not all patients receive individually appropriate and sustainable therapy in a timely manner. One of the reasons for this is the shortage of skilled nursing and therapy staff. With our technology, we offer a solution to this problem."

CUREosity would like to thank the TechVision Fund and looks forward to further collaboration!

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