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Great feedback from "Schön" clinics

We are delighted that the Schön Klinik Bad Aibling Harthausen has integrated our innovative VR therapy system CUREO into its daily therapy routine. Only in use for a short time, CUREO is already meeting with great approval: many patients immerse themselves in the virtual worlds and train their sensorimotor and cognitive skills.

The Schön-Kliniken particularly appreciate the high therapy frequency promoted by CUREO. In most cases, patients hardly notice that they are engaged in a therapeutic exercise, and thanks to the gamified content, motivation for therapy also remains high.

The individual programs are very varied and distract from anxiety and pain.

VR therapy for sensorimotor and cognitive therapy

The intersectoral application possibility and the individually adjustable difficulty levels also offer maximum flexibility and adaptability to the respective needs of the patients. Whether trunk, hand and finger training or cognitive skills: the range of applications is very extensive.

This article describes the first experiences of the Schön Klinik and shows a great video with impressions of the therapy:

About Schön Clinics

The Schön Klinik Group was founded by the Schön family and is still family-run today. The focus of treatment is on psychosomatic impairments, neurology, surgery, orthopedics and internal medicine. In 2022, approximately 300,000 patients were treated with high-quality and state-of-the-art methods. In 16 clinics and 30 outpatient as well as day-clinic facilities, the clinic management focuses above all on consistent quality orientation and measurement in order to be able to position itself as a pioneer even in comparison with the industry. CUREO fits in perfectly with this high standard and complements the range of therapies on offer.


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