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We at CUREosity are the image of a colorful world and fly the flag!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Every year during Pride Month in June, we remember all those who have been discriminated against, injured or even killed in the fight for the rights of queer people. As a responsible and world-open company, we are committed to the interests of minorities and LGBTI+ people, because tolerance, respect and inclusion are among the core values of our company, which are firmly anchored in our Code Of Conduct.

We stand for unprejudiced cooperation and promote a working environment shaped by mutual appreciation and openness. By coloring our logo with the pride flag, we are not exploiting the hype surrounding the colorful flag: Particularly for us as an employer, it is important to always have a clear sociopolitical stance and to show it, since an open and tolerant basic attitude is important to us.

All people are welcome here and don't have to give up their own identity at the company gate.

Because success needs creative people who work differently. And that only works with diversity and in a working environment where people feel fully acknowledged and valued and everyone can be themselves.

Visit our career pages today and apply!

We look forward to meeting you.


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