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Therapy with CUREO®

Motivating, efficient, successful. 

CUREO® is a virtual reality-based therapy system from CUREosity.


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CUREO® relieves therapists
and facilities

  • A therapist can several patients care at the same time

  • Short set-up times allow quick assembly and dismantling

  • Theserviceis simple and intuitive


CUREO® offers many
Therapy options

  • 30 customizable therapy games for sensorimotor rehabilitation

  • IncludedMirror therapyand breathing training 

  • Playful therapy applications promote patient motivation

CUREO® enables smart therapy 

  • Automatic documentation andVisualizationthe progress of therapy to monitor progress

  • Continuation of therapypossible from home


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This is what experts say about CUREO®

"What convinced me about CUREO was, firstly, the motivational idea that patients enjoy it. Secondly, what is at least as important, is that it can be individually adapted to the patient's abilities. In contrast to other device-assisted therapies, there are none large set-up times, it fits very well into everyday life."

Prof. Dr. Björn Hauptmann


Chief Physician of the Specialist Clinic for Parkinson's & Movement Disorders and Deputy Medical Director of the Neurological Center of the Segeberger Kliniken.

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