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Article in FOCUS: "The future of rehabilitation"

Updated: May 9, 2022

The insert "Der Patient im Mittelpunkt" published in FOCUS focused on the latest ways of providing therapy to patients and taking their needs into account in the best possible way. As a pioneer of innovative, smart solutions in therapy that rethink rehabilitation, our CEO Thomas Saur was also interviewed.

"One second can change a life - whether from an accident or a stroke, the consequences can be felt for a lifetime. The therapy that follows is usually very stressful and frustrating."

How exactly these demotivating experiences can be counteracted with our VR therapy system CUREO can be read in the article. Those who could not get hold of a print edition can also read the article online at gesunder-kö

In addition, the edition will also be available at the following events:

  • DMEA (26.-28.04.; CUREosity has its own booth!)

  • Bionnale (11.-12.05.)

  • 16th APS Annual Conference (12.-13.05.)

  • Congress Hospital Decision Makers and Digital Transformation (18.-19.05.)

  • Event "The Patient in Healthcare" (02.06.)

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