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CUREO®4: Even more efficient, effective, and versatile virtual reality therapy

CUREosity GmbH announces today's release of CUREO®4, the latest software version for sensorimotor and cognitive virtual reality therapy (VR therapy). Caesar van Heyningen (CEO, CUREOSITY) summarizes the benefits for clinicians and therapists: “In developing CUREO®4, we have focused on supporting our customers with even more efficiency, effectiveness, and versatility”. In addition to new technical features, CUREO®4 also includes various new, improved, and expanded training courses that can be used in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and neuropsychology. Customers who opt for virtual reality therapy with CUREO® will therefore receive even more and even better training and features for occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and neuropsychology.

CUREO®4 sets new standards

In addition, with CUREO® GROUP, one therapist can now treat up to six patients at the same time and keep an eye on their training progress via a single tablet. This is supported by the smart training plan feature, among other things: With the training plan, a sequence of training sessions with a total duration of up to 60 minutes can be created and played back automatically. This allows therapists to concentrate on other patients or important documentation at the same time without compromising the quality of therapy. Additional efficiency gains are achieved by the further reduction in set-up time, as the system now starts up even more quickly and easily. Stefan Arand (CTO): “The further development of CUREO®4 marks a decisive step in the therapeutic landscape by optimally combining technological innovation with therapeutic know-how. This enables therapeutic facilities to increase the frequency of therapy for affected patients and CUREOSITY counteracts the general supply bottleneck in the healthcare system.”

Therapists can use the training plan to create a therapy sequence and run it automatically

CUREO®4 also has a lot to offer in terms of available training: The hand module has been expanded so that isolated individual movements (supination, extension and opening the hand) as well as hand combination movements can now be practiced for greater everyday ability. With the new field of vision test and the new field of vision training, CUREO® is now even more relevant for use with neglect patients. In the ADL module, great emphasis was placed on further improving movement action and action planning.

CUREO®4 has been extended with a field of vision test and field of vision training for neglect patients

Thomas Saur (CVO): “Our motto has always been ‘by those affected for those affected’ and our aim is to offer patients a path to a more self-determined life through the best possible therapy. Even small, playful elements such as the new, social interactions with a virtual person in CUREO®4 contribute to increasing motivation and adherence to therapy and thus to achieving the therapy goals.”

New, playful interactions provide even more motivation

As always, existing CUREO®4 customers will also benefit from even greater efficiency, effectiveness and versatility of the software: In the coming weeks, the update will gradually be rolled out by the operations team. Caesar van Heyningen: “We remain true to our claim of revolutionizing rehabilitation. CUREO®4 sets new standards in therapy and we are not stopping there: In the background, we are already developing new, exciting concepts for the therapy of the future.”

One therapist can treat up to six patients in parallel with CUREO® GROUP


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