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Article in journal "Nervenheilkunde" about increased motivation through VR therapy

We are proud to have published an article within the journal Nervenheilkunde. Around the topic "Digital Health" body-related or digital applications for diagnostics and therapy in neurology were presented.

Judith Stemick, Julia Kurth, and Thomas Saur are the authors of the article titled "Increased Therapy Motivation through Virtual Reality Therapy," which appeared in the 10th issue of the journal in October.

The paper discusses the possibilities that immersive virtual reality offers within therapy as a complement to classical methods. First and foremost, it highlights the increased therapy motivation and frequency that can be promoted by gamified content.

Taking into account our specially conducted surveys, the authors were able to prove that, according to the therapists, our therapy system CUREO causes an increased motivation and readiness for therapy among the patients.

In addition, two examples were used to show how CUREO is used in practice, which patients benefit from the system and how therapists deal with the new type of rehabilitation.

The complete article is available here:

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