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Changes in the management of CUREosity

CUREosity GmbH, a leader in the development of innovative VR therapy systems for the medical field, today announces a change in its management team: Caesar van Heyningen will assume the role of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) on July 1, 2023. His predecessor, Thomas Saur, will take on the role of CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) and will continue to be responsible for the company's product concept and vision. Together with Stefan Arand, CTO, the three of them will form the company's management team.

Caesar van Heyningen joined the company in August 2020 as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and has since established himself as the strategic commercial head. His core areas initially included Finance and Legal, and were successively joined by responsibility in the commercial areas, particularly Sales, from spring 2021. In the further course, due to his successful work, he also took over responsibility for HR and Operations, and was appointed as an authorized signatory in 2021. Thomas Saur: "In addition to establishing CUREO in the DACH region, Caesar also played a key role in making the VR therapy system available to patients in international markets."

Van Heyningen brings deep expertise in strategic growth and corporate structuring: After building his own start-up at a young age, he was drawn to management consulting. His closeness to healthcare grew through stints at a leading healthcare bank and a secondment at a major law firm in medical law. Van Heyningen completed his MBA at the renowned WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Thomas Saur, one of the founders of CUREosity, will continue to play a significant role in the company as CVO and will be responsible for the growing R&D department and the company vision. He has many years of expertise in the conceptual design of interactive applications, human-machine interactions, 3D visualization and VR. His vision and dedication have made CUREosity what it is today and will likewise shape the company's future.

The transition between the two executives is seamless and unanimously welcomed by all. Both founders, Stefan Arand and Thomas Saur, were involved in the decision-making process. Shareholders and investors are in favor of the new distribution of roles. Caesar van Heyningen: "Decision-making at CUREosity will continue to be a team-oriented process, with all management members jointly contributing their expertise and competencies."

The restructured management team plans to establish the company internationally, expand the structures for effective scaling and take an even stronger presence in the market.

The CUREosity team is looking forward to working together in the new constellation and is looking forward to the future of the company.

Caesar van Heyningen (previously CFO, right in picture) will replace Thomas Saur (previously CEO, left in picture) from July 1, 2023. Saur will assume the role of CVO (Chief Visionary Officer).

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