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CUREO® in "Passauer Wolf" rehabilitation center: TV report niederbayernTV

Presenter Tobias Wittenzellner (Source: niederbayernTV, February 16, 2024)

The TV station niederbayernTV reported on the use of virtual reality therapy with CURE at the "Passauer Wolf" rehabilitation center in its TV Journal on February 16, 2024. According to Theresa Eichberger (Deputy Therapy Manager, Passauer Wolf), the facility in Bad Griesbach primarily treats neurological and geriatric patients. CURE is used at Passauer Wolf in particular to treat the consequences of a stroke.

Passauer Wolf, rehabilitation center Bad Griesbach (Source: niederbayernTV, February 16, 2024)

The clinic sees various advantages for its facility when using CURE. For the patients, it is a completely new form of therapy that they can immerse themselves in. The various modules promote the patients' range of motion, concentration and intrinsic motivation, among other things. Theresa Eichberger sees another major advantage in the fact that the use of modern methods makes the working environment attractive and exciting for therapists.

Marie-Claire Heyne (Deputy Head of Ergo, Passauer Wolf) during CUREO® therapy with patient Martin Hitzenbichler (Source: niederbayernTV, February 16, 2024)

The TV report shows very nicely how therapists use CURE. Marie-Claire Heyne (Deputy Head of Ergo, Passauer Wolf) demonstrates a therapy session with the "fruit picking" training together with patient Martin Hitzenbichler. One of the most common late effects of strokes is (one-sided) arm paresis. Patients therefore train the motor skills of their extremities and trunk stability while picking fruit by stretching and lifting their arm. At the same time, the hand grip is trained when the fruit is picked from the tree and placed in the bowls provided.

Find the complete report on the use of CURE  at Passauer Wolf here (German only):

Source: niederbayernTV, February 16, 2024

If you are interested in CURE for your facility, please contact us at with your contact details and the name of your clinic or practice.

Link to original TV report (German language only): niederbayernTV Mediathek


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