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CUREosity at DGNR congress 2022

A great DGNR Congress 2022 (German Association for Neurorehabilitation) is coming to an end. The congress was characterized by an open atmosphere and a stimulating, interdisciplinary exchange. A great consensus was that the increasing challenges of rehabilitation can be mastered by digitalization and smart technologies. Our digital rehabilitation solution CUREO, for example, received great acclaim.

We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received from highly respected clinic and therapy leaders. We are pleased that we were also able to present promising results from our studies, which we would like to summarize again here.

VR workshop

The workshop on Virtual Reality was very well received. Prof. Dr. Mokrusch opened the lecture and introduced the topic "VR therapy".

Prof. Dr. Finke (Charité) presented several study results from the field of virtual reality in clinical neurology. Currently, Charité is also evaluating Virtual Therapy with the CUREO system for symptom relief of palliative patients. First results are expected in 2023.

Prof. Dr. Hauptmann (Segeberger Kliniken) spoke about the requirements of multimodal Parkinson's therapy and in particular the possibilities and chances of using VR to improve non-drug Parkinson's therapy. (Note: this blog post gives a deeper insight into the use of CUREO in the Segeberger clinics).

Afterwards, participants were able to test CUREO directly on site and get their own impression of the system's features and benefits.

Presentation on the acceptance survey

Dr. Petra Söhnlein presented the results of our acceptance survey in the short paper "Virtual Reality in Neurorehabilitation & VR Therapy Compliance". In the study we show that therapy with CUREO motivates patients and therapists to a high degree. For example, over 98% of the patients state that they would like to perform the therapy with CUREO again and over 98% of the therapists report a positive activation and stimulation of the patients by our VR therapy. In addition, our study found that no patient suffered from motion sickness during therapy with CUREO.

Pain study presentation

On the second day of the congress, Honya Faraj presented preliminary results of the study "Virtual Reality and Pain Perception" on behalf of Maastricht University. The results showed that pain perception was significantly increased in the passive exploration VR condition. In contrast, pain was significantly decreased in the interactive active VR condition, which included CUREO virtual embodiment features as well as auditory input. The active condition also demonstrated a significant trend of a decrease in negative mood and increase in positive mood. Data collection for the study is ongoing and will be updated and published upon completion.

We thank our study partners and look forward to the next results!

About the DGNR

The congress was held jointly by the DGNR (German Society for Neurorehabilitation) e.V. as well as the DGNKN (German Society for Neurotraumatology and Clinical Neurorehabilitation) e.V.. The motto was "Higher, faster, further!?" and represented the many advanced digital topics that were covered during the conference.

More impressions of our booth


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