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CUREosity at Start-Up Week 2022

During the Startup Week, we discussed smart, innovative care concepts with other startups as well as politicians and health insurers.

From June 20 to 24, a wide variety of workshops, lectures and networking events took place in the state capital, where interested parties could exchange ideas on topics such as startups, challenges and opportunities.

CUREosity was represented at 3 events.

On the one hand, we participated in the Breakfast Talk on the topic "HEALTHy founding in DUS: know your friends and helpers", which was initiated by the Economic Development Agency and took place at the LifeScience Center Düsseldorf. The topic was the challenges and hurdles of founding a company. Other participants included Ole Martin, who represented Dermanostic, also a successfully founded startup from Düsseldorf. In addition, Rolf Fellmann, Dr. Frauke Hangen (Managing Director of BioRiver - Life Science Rheinland e.V.), Dr. Isabel Eichhof (Startup4MED), Mr. Michael Seher (DITEC/ Life Science Center Düsseldorf) and Kirsten Bahr from Techniker Krankenkasse were also on site. CEO Thomas Saur was represented from our side.

We were particularly pleased about Ms. Bahr's interest in our product and the lively exchange about innovative care concepts. During the discussion, Ms. Bahr emphasized that Techniker Krankenkasse would be open to promoting innovation in medical care and that CUREosity represented a good example of innovative solutions.

On the other hand, the "D-Health.start" event took place at ZOM II in the Düsseldorf University Hospital. As part of the first panel, Thomas Saur discussed with Dr. Nicolas Krämer (HC&S AG and former head of Lukas Hospital in Neuss) and Stefanie Betzer (Regional Director of AOK Rheinland/Hamburg). First and foremost, the focus was on the healthcare system, which is facing major challenges. It was emphasized that it is particularly important that politics, payers and med-tech startups get together to discuss and, above all, implement solutions. Smart care concepts must be developed that also reduce the difference between demand and supply within therapy in the long term.

The third event was "Next Health Tech from Germany and Japan", where both Japanese and German startups from NRW were able to present their new technologies and solution approaches in short pitches. The goal was to bring the companies from Japan and Germany together to generate potential partnerships and business opportunities.

It is clearly noticeable: A new wind is blowing in the medical world, both on the side of politics and payers, and CUREosity will use this upswing to sail full speed ahead.


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