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CUREosity at the Swiss Paraplegic Center

Due to the high demand, we again visited the Swiss Paraplegic Center in Nottwil to discuss the further application possibilities of CUREO.

The SPC, which was founded in 1990, is a leader in the field of paraplegic, spinal and respiratory medicine. The center is part of the Swiss Paraplegic Group, a network dedicated to the holistic rehabilitation of paraplegic patients. Since CUREO can also be used for the therapy of patients with spinal paralysis, our therapy system optimally complements the treatment methods on site.

Our team presented the therapy options and advantages of CUREO in different departments and showed the potential of using our VR software for individual patient needs. We have been able to conduct successful tests with both patients and therapists in several departments.

We have also been able to conduct another impressive workshop of therapy with CUREO in combination with electrostimulation at the International FES Centre®. We are pleased about the positive feedback we received from the individual departments and thank you for the exciting as well as result-rich days at the SPC!

We are looking forward to the future use of CUREO in the SPC and will report more soon!


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