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CUREosity at WSA Global Congress 2021- register now!

Since we won the WSA-Global last year, we are now competing again at the WSA Global Congress 2021. In this post, we want to review our last year's success story and take a closer look at what the WSA actually is.

In 2020, CUREosity participated at WSA, the World Summit Award, and initially prevailed within the WSA-Germany against the competitors in the category "Health and Well-Being". At the subsequent WSA-Global event, the winners from the individual countries competed against each other within their categories. CUREosity was once again able to convince the jury and, together with four other companies, won the WSA-Global 2020 in the category "Health and Well-Being".

The jury appreciated the benefits of therapy with our system: "CUREosity is the best example that digital content can cure. By visual stimulation, this therapy system evokes the reconfiguration of nerves. This capability of the nervous system has been observed and used in treatment of stroke and paraplegics patients since many years. The uniqueness of CUREosity is, that with the use of virtual reality and gamification of digital content the effect is multiplied and time of recovery is speeded up."

Now we're moving on to the next round. From March 22-24, 2021, the WSA Global Congress 2021 will be held. The five winners from each category will compete against each other and a final winner will be chosen. On March 24 from 12pm till 1pm, we will pitch the story behind the founding of CUREosity as well as the development of our product CUREO.

Do you want to join? This year, the admission is for free.

You can register here.

What is the purpose of WSA?

Digital Innovation has brought about rapid advancement globally, transforming and often improving society. The global pandemic demonstrated how digital innovation and content solutions can be problem solvers. The WSA Global Congress will bring together social entrepreneurs and digital experts from all around the globe and will Connect them 4 impact. With a focus on how digitalization is transforming the world to reach the UN SDGs and beyond, the WSA community will enter a virtual innovation journey around the globe.

WSA Global Congress 2021

The for the first time fully virtual event will feature international speakers to discuss pressing topics as climate change, digital health, and the gender gap. 45 best practice winners from 29 countries will pitch their digital solutions live, and a diverse workshop program will offer hands on skills enhancement.

Ranging from a Chinese AI for distance medical screening, an air pollution monitoring application from North Macedonia to a machine learning solution to combat maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria - the 45 winners from 29 countries, selected from over 400 nominations from 182 participating countries, showcase the global diversity of purpose driven innovation.

WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states: “The purpose for most of us going to an event is networking. The serendipity that happens at events is the allure and magnetism that draws people back. While personal meetings and face2face interaction is WSA’s unique community’s trademark, with growing Covid-19 outbreaks and travel restrictions across the world, WSA Global Congress will this year enter a digital journey from America to Oceania. I look forward to welcoming attendees from all over the world, participation this year will be even more diverse as the Congress will not only serve 2 different time zones, it will break the barriers of international travel. A program full of intense discussion and interactive sessions will guarantee what makes WSA unique, a community with the same mind-set or evoking positive change through digital innovation, that feels like a family – Join and Connect4Impact.”

About the WSA

With its worldwide, multi-stakeholder community of social entrepreneurs and digital innovation enthusiast, WSA focusses on international knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the contribution to the UN SDGs. Founded in 2003 as part of the UN World Summit on Information Society, WSA awards yearly 45 outstanding best practice local digital content with a high societal value. WSA spans its community in over 185 countries, a network unique in its passion and reach, holding close cooperation with UN agencies, academia and the private sector alike.

Visit for more information:

cureosity-at-wsa-global-congress-2021-feel-free-to-joinIn 2020, CUREosity participated at WSA, the


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