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CUREosity becomes a member of the MedEcon Ruhr network

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

We are pleased to be a member of the MedEcon Ruhr network, which connects more than 160 companies and institutions from the hospital industry, health care and research as well as the supplying industries.

In the Ruhr region, Germany's largest urban agglomeration, there are a large number of organisations and institutions from the healthcare industry that are connected and organised through the membership of MedEcon Ruhr. In this way, MedEcon Ruhr aims to promote the regional economy and contribute positively to the structural change of the Ruhr region. The network is promoted in joint events and projects and supports the transparency by providing useful information of the members.

CUREosity member of MedEcon Ruhr

The common focus on health issues as well as the expertise of the many companies and experts will greatly enrich the exchange within the network. We look forward to the input, further cooperation and joint projects.

Visit for more information about the network.


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