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CUREosity @ BrainBusiness: Technology and Rehabilitation

The team of CUREosity participated in the BrainBusiness event of MedEcon Ruhr. This event focuses on neuroscience, an interdisciplinary science that focuses on a deep understanding of the brain and nervous system. It combines fields such as psychology, medicine, biology, chemistry, computer science and mathematics. A key aspect of the event is the challenge of translating scientific knowledge into practical applications and commercial exploitation.

BrainBusiness serves as a platform for learning about the latest findings in basic science, working together to develop application scenarios, and tapping into their use in an economic context. Companies, start-ups and founders are the potential users of these findings and, at the same time, can contribute to solving existing problems as specialized providers.

About the organizers:

The Research Department of Neuroscience (RDN) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is an interdisciplinary center for neuroscience research that bundles expertise from various faculties and institutions. It provides an integrative platform for about 500 scientists to explore brain functions at multiple levels.

The GesundheitsCampus Bochum closes the gap between academic research and commercial exploitation in close cooperation with regional companies and universities.

MedEcon Ruhr is the network of the healthcare industry in Germany's largest metropolitan area, the Gesundheitsmetropole Ruhr.

Our CEO Thomas Saur gave a presentation on "Successfully implementing VR therapy for cognitive and sensorimotor rehabilitation". The CUREO system was presented as an example of the successful use of VR in medical facilities. In this, technological innovations are combined with the latest findings in neuroscience and profitably applied in practice.

The presentation met with great interest and led to insightful discussions among the speakers and participants. Future prospects and the importance of VR and AI in medical care were discussed. We look forward to continuing the synergies and collaboration with leading scientists, companies, innovators and health insurers in the network.


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