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CUREosity meets Austria

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

This week it became Austrian! Our Sales Manager Marcel Goldstein was on the road in Austria to present CUREO in different clinics.

Starting in Montafon, via Gmundnerberg, Vienna to Gröbming and another trip to Loipl in Bavaria, our Sales Manager covered a long distance this week. But it was worth it!

CUREO in Österreich

Not only the surrounding mountain landscapes were impressive - also CUREO could convince the doctors and therapists. Our VR therapy software was seen as a useful addition to the existing therapy options, which underlines our ambition not to replace the therapeutic work, but to support them in their daily therapy routine with CUREO.

CUREosity in Österreich

We are sure that this has not been our last visit to Austria and we are already looking forward to the next time!


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