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CUREosity introduces: Jannik, Business Development Manager

Today we would like to introduce our Business Development Manager Jannik Schmitz. He has been with CUREosity for almost two years now and has already achieved quite a bit in that time. Read more in the article.

C: Please introduce yourself briefly, Jannik!

Jannik: My name is Jannik Schmitz and I have been working at CUREosity since February 2021. I am anchored in the sales or distribution team and am responsible for corporate development. This includes many different tasks, for example process development, the development of international markets, but also the implementation of projects that contribute to the growth of the company in the medium and long term. I belong to the sales team because I am also involved in operations, for example acquiring customers, building up contacts and maintaining them.

C: Why did you decide to join CUREosity? What is your personal motivation?

J: First of all, I find it very pleasant and easy to identify with the product and the company. My personal motivation is the common goal to work towards with customers, colleagues and all other parties: To modernize, digitize and ultimately improve rehabilitation for all parties. This motivates me every day anew to face and master the challenges. The company and I as a person grow tremendously in the process, which is incredibly motivating.

CUREosity Job Med Tech Business Development

C: What is it like to work at CUREosity?

J: It's very varied and exciting to work at CUREosity. No two days are the same. Of course, it's also exhausting at times, but always rewarding nonetheless!

C: Tell us about the funniest/most interesting/most exciting experience with CUREosity!

J: Exciting and interesting is every day. If someone had told me two years ago what I was doing today, I would have told them they were crazy. At CUREosity, I get opportunities that I wouldn't get in a conventional company - I know this from my own experience. For example, I've already been able to accompany large financing rounds, I lead discussions with business leaders and professors, and I experience how a completely new market is approached with new technologies. You grow enormously with your tasks. In addition, the team is also very pleasant. We are a diverse, young, agile company. Thanks to the different personalities, you always get new perspectives and thus broaden your horizons. We all work together with a lot of heart and soul towards the same goal, each for himself and yet together.

C: What do you wish for yourself and CUREosity in the future?

J: I wish that all our plans will come true and that we will celebrate even more successes. I also hope that we never lose sight of the goal of helping patients, improving people's general well-being and making a lasting change in rehabilitation.

C: Your job in 3 words!

Varied, challenging, super.

C: Thank you for the interview, Jannik!

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