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ESA European Astronaut Center: Workshop with CUREosity and Space2Health members

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

On Thursday, March 23, we were guests at the European Astronaut Center of ESA in Cologne. Space2Health invited us to host a working group meeting on site with 28 other members. The goal of the event was to exchange ideas and establish new interfaces.

The theme, "Virtual Reality (VR) in Space and Health", was all about the opportunities that modern technologies offer in various fields and industries.

DLR introduced the event with two presentations on the potential of virtual reality in space medicine and of extended reality in the European Astronaut Center (EAC). Immediately, lively discussions about the new perspectives arose among the participants.

European Astronaut Center Virtual Reality

Afterwards, we were allowed to present our VR therapy system CUREO. After all, CUREO can not only be used in therapy, but can also be applied, for example, in astronaut training or for isolation studies.

Of course, all participants were also allowed to test CUREO themselves. We are pleased that our system was immediately well received and that everyone was able to experience for themselves how the virtual worlds and various applications work.

CUREosity is already looking forward to more Space2Health activities and potential projects to bring Health to Space.


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