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Feedback from Segeberger clinics on VR therapy with CUREO

CUREO was developed in collaboration with clinics, therapists and patients. The constant exchange between the individual instances, which have made CUREO special with their expertise, needs and criticisms, is very important to us.

VR therapy in neurology

Of course, we are especially pleased when CUREO is used on a regular basis. On the LinkedIn profile of the Segeberger Kliniken Group, a video was uploaded showing the use of CUREO with various patients in the Neurological Center.

The following is written about it:

"In our neurological center, stroke patients are treated with virtual reality. When movements are shown virtually, the brain also controls the corresponding muscle parts in real life. The therapy can help rebuild damaged regions."

Original text:

"In unserem Neurologischen Zentrum werden Schlaganfall-Patienten mit Virtueller Realität therapiert. Wenn Bewegungen virtuell gezeigt werden, steuert das Gehirn die entsprechenden Muskelpartien auch in echt an. Die Therapie kann dabei unterstützen, geschädigte Regionen wieder aufzubauen."

Thanks for sharing the shots!


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