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Great feedback on VR therapy with CUREO from Winterthur

Feedback from our customers, therapists, doctors and patients, is very important to us. Based on the feedback, be it praise or criticism, we can further develop and optimize VR therapy with CUREO. Of course, we are even more pleased when we receive such positive feedback, as recently from Peter Brem from the Cantonal Hospital in Winterthur.

In Winterthur, VR therapy with CUREO has already been in use since last year, and is apparently pleasing both therapists and patients. Peter Brem, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapy at the Cantonal Hospital, describes in his video published on LinkedIn what CUREO can do, how broad the fields of application are, and what additional advantages therapy based on virtual reality brings. For example, he discusses stress reduction for patients, who can relax and be distracted from the hospital environment by the impressive VR worlds.

He also gives an exciting preview of the CUREO 2.0 update, such as the efficient training plans or the optimized progress visualization of patients' progress.

The complete video can be watched here:

Thanks for the great feedback!


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