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Karl Laumann, NRW Minister for Labor, Health and Social Affairs tests VR Therapy at REHACARE.

After a successful first day at REHACRE in Düsseldorf, Karl Laumann, Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, visited us on Thursday. His task is to improve conditions of living and working, especially in the health care system and hospital and nursing care.

(Right: Karl Laumann, Minister for Labor, Health and Social Affairs NRW , Left: Marcel Goldstein, Sales Director at CUREostiy)

Starting with a short introduction of CUREosity and our VR therapy system CUREO, Mr. Laumann tested the virtual reality therapy system CUREO himself.

Especially after playing our therapy game "Meteor", where you have to catch comets on the rings of Saturn, Karl Laumann was visibly impressed by the technology.


CUREO is a therapy system that uses virtual reality to offer therapists new possibilities to treat patients with neurological and motor deficits, among others. CUREO provides therapists with creative tools that relieve them in their daily routine and make therapy more efficient. At the same time, the therapy motivation of patients is promoted.

CUREO is intended to contribute to the highest possible improvement in the quality of life of patients and therapists.


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