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More color in the gloom: Elif's experience with CUREO

Elif is only 39 years old when she suffers a brain haemorrhage in June 2023. Since the end of June, she has been a patient at the St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic in Meerbusch (STMTK), where she receives intensive and individual therapy tailored to her specific needs.

The stroke left the left side of her body paralyzed. This severe impairment is counteracted in rehabilitation through intensive, strenuous training. STMTK specializes in neurological rehabilitation. Virtual reality (VR) therapy with CUREO has been an integral part of the rehabilitation of stroke patients there for over three years. At the time of our recorded interview, Elif had already been using CUREO for two weeks. She describes how excited she was about the integration of the modern, digital training into the conventional therapy concept. For her, the treatment is "very cool", she is happy about the "colors in the dullness" and that therapy to her is finally fun again. For Elif, CUREO enabled her to get even more out of the arm therapy and she sees it as her oportunity to get back to life.

The experiences reported by Elif also correspond to current research findings by Stemick et al. published in 2022 in the journal Nervenheilkunde on virtual reality therapy with CUREO: Almost all patients who received therapy with CUREO as part of a study reported that they would like to repeat the therapy, that they enjoyed the therapy and that they were more motivated to carry out their exercises as a result.

Study results from Stemick et al., 2022

At the end of the interview, Elif summarizes what she would wish for other patients who are in the same or a similar situation as herself: From her point of view, everyone should have the chance to be treated with CUREO and it should be accessible to everyone.

We congratulate Elif on the impressive results of her therapy and wish her continued success on her way back to life.

Watch the full interview in German language here:


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