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Our team at CUREosity

Whether male, female or diverse, from Germany, Spain or Turkey, with a passion for game design or for finance - our team at CUREosity is colorful and open to everyone.

Team, CUREosity

For us, gender, origin or religion do not play a role, much more important is the passion for what we do: We want to revolutionize rehabilitation together and help patients in their recovery process as best we can. This is what drives us all and makes us give our best every day. We support each other, stand up for each other and can talk just as openly about problems or express criticism.

Colleagues become friends

med-tech company, team

The pleasant working atmosphere, the joint activities such as playing soccer or badminton, and the friendly, open-minded team show that CUREosity is more than just an employer, but that friendships can just as easily develop here.

If you too are interested in growing with us, putting your strengths to work for us and at the same time making the world a better place, then apply to join us. We are always looking for new talents. Just take a look at our job page! We look forward to receiving your application - also on your own initiative, if the right position for you is not listed.

Here are our vacancies!


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