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Pilot Project with Techniker Krankenkasse and Ambulanticum

CUREosity GmbH announces the launch of a joint pilot project with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and Ambulanticum GmbH: From February 1, 2024, TK will reimburse virtual reality therapy (VR therapy) with CUREO® for its insured patients making it the first health insurance company in Germany to make this modern therapy method available to its insured persons. The offer is initially aimed at patients of the Ambulanticum, which is the ideal partner for the project. The facility in Herdecke offers interdisciplinary intensive therapy for severely affected patients with neurological diseases and specializes in late aftercare. Caesar van Heyningen (CEO, CUREosity): "We couldn't wish for better partners for this first pilot. The Techniker and the Ambulanticum have both set themselves the goal of providing patients with the most modern and effective therapy. We are delighted that patients at the Ambulanticum will benefit from virtual reality therapy with CUREO® and see this as an important step towards giving even more patients access to innovative therapy with CUREO® in the future."

The cooperation between CUREosity, TK and the Ambulanticum in Herdecke will start on February 1, 2024. As part of this pilot project, the Ambulanticum is introducing modern virtual reality therapy as a new therapeutic component for its patients. The absolute novelty of this project: for the first time in Germany, VR therapy with CUREO® is being reimbursed by a statutory health insurance.

Patient doing CUREO® therapy

TK describes itself as a driving force for smart healthcare solutions. The largest German statutory health insurance provider sees innovation as a key factor for better care and is prepared to find individual solutions for its policyholders to achieve this goal. "Pilot projects like this one with the Ambulanticum are extremely important so that individual solutions can become standard solutions in the medium term," emphasizes Barbara Steffens, head of the TK NRW regional office. In this way, it is possible to test how VR therapy can be sensibly embedded in existing care structures during everyday therapy.

In addition to the TK, the Ambulanticum also has a strong focus on modern therapy methods. Dr. Bernd Krahl, a sufferer of two cerebral infarctions as well as a skull bone removal was faced with a poor prognosis for rehabilitation. He and his wife Marion Schrimpf searched for the best possible ther-apy methods for late aftercare, leading to the founding of the Ambulanticum. The facility specializes in outpatient interdisciplinary intensive therapy, which goes beyond regular care. The team in Herdecke combines modern treatment methods such as CUREO® VR therapy with tried-and-tested forms of therapy from physiotherapy and occupational therapy, movement, and sports therapy as well as speech therapy. This enables the Ambulanticum to offer an unusually versatile and effective range of treatments at every stage of the respective illness.

The cooperation between TK and Ambulanticum is initially limited to one year and CUREosity will accompany the project with a qualitative survey, in which the motivation and feasibility in particular will be examined.ucht wird.


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