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Finding her way back to life (Sat.1 visiting CUREosity)

Christina Keil’s fate has touched us very much: After a serious illness, she falls into a coma and after waking up she can no longer move. With the help of CUREO, she has playfully found her way back into life and step by step regained the ability to move her upper extremities. Sat.1 NRW shows Christina's story in a touching report. She vividly describes how liberating therapy with CUREO is for her and why she has finds it so valuable for herself and for other patients like her.

You'll also hear from Thomas Saur, Chief Visionary Officer at CUREosity, about what inspired him and the other two founders to develop CUREO and what’s his vision for CUREosity in the future.

Since the visit of Sat.1 NRW in our offices in Düsseldorf CUREO has gained further traction: Our Virtual Reality system is now used in far more than 100 medical facilities, and we are continuing to work in full speed to ensure that all patients benefit from therapy with CUREO just as Christina Keil did.

See the complete TV feature here:


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