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Preview: CUREO® 3

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

More gamification, additional fine motor exercises, quick calibration, simplified operation, increased data security and documentation of therapy use - these are just some of the new features offered by CUREO® 3.

In order to offer therapists and patients the best possible therapy, we are continuously working on optimizing our VR therapy system. Thanks to feedback from patients and doctors or therapists, we are able to make practice-oriented improvements. This is how the new CUREO® 3 developed, which will be released in a few weeks.

VR Therapie Gruppentherapie

More gamification for more long-lasting fun in therapy

New levels, new difficulty levels, high score mode: The new update is all about gamification in order to sustainably promote motivation as well as performance even over longer periods of therapy through the playful exercises and the competitive scoring system.

Finally, many research findings also demonstrate the added value of gamification: a study on VR therapy by de Vries and colleagues (2018), for example, shows that VR games effectively increase intrinsic motivation. Van der Kooij (2019) also shows that patients enjoy a therapy exercise more and longer through gamification.

Virtual Reality Drachenfliegen

Kite flying through cloud rings

While up to now the dragon was steered freely through the air, we have now added additional clouds or cloud rings through which the dragon is to be maneuvered. This way, points are collected, which are displayed on a high score board. Thunderclouds appear in between as a special challenge. These disruptive elements must not be hit, which encourages the patient's selective attention.

Target archery

VR Therapie Bogenschießen Rehabilitation

Archery is a popular exercise in therapy because it trains concentration, perception and an upright posture. It is also great for stress management. Within our virtual archery, we have integrated a high score mode that shows how well the targets were hit. Thanks to an optionally switchable aiming aid, hitting the target is made easier. We have also optimized the environment: The forest landscape now appears even more realistic to increase immersion. Additional fine motor skills exercises for hands and fingers

Additional exercises for the fine motor skills of hands and fingers have been added to both the finger and moto modules to make therapy even more varied and effective.

Training of hand opening and closing

VR Handtraining

The Meteor game is one of the most popular therapy applications among our patients and therapists. Therefore, a new mode has been added here as well. Some meteors show either a closed or an opened hand. Alternately, the patient must now also catch the meteors with his open hand or with his hand closed into a fist. As a further challenge, some meteors are to be tracked in a spiral.

In addition, comets come towards from time to time, but they must not be touched. Thus attention and complex hand movements are trained.


ADL Training

Especially for neurologically impaired patients or after hand surgeries, supposedly simple hand movements can become a challenge in everyday life. The new ADL cube simulates various everyday tasks and trains cognitive skills. For example, a lever must be operated, a head pressed, a wheel turned or a sequence of numbers entered into a number field. Patients can train with either one or both hands.

ADL stands for "activities of daily living" and refers to those tasks that we have to face in everyday life. In ADL therapy, such exercises are treated.

Documentation of therapy use

CUREO 3 provides an optimal overview of each patient. How many therapy minutes were provided? How long was a module used? This and more can be seen at a glance.

Increased data security

The security of our patients' progress data is particularly important to us. With Update CUREO 3, we are increasing data security by encrypting patient data and storing it securely on the device. This is done on the basis of 256-bit encryption (AES-256_CBC protocol).

Quick calibration

Virtual Reality Calibration

In the new CUREO® version, calibration is not only faster and more reliable, but also easier to customize. With just a few clicks, for example, the size of the therapy table or the size of the available movement space can be specified. This is particularly advantageous for bedside therapy. There is more time for therapy.

Facilitated operation

Based on the many feedbacks that constantly reach us, we have adapted the user interface to the most frequently mentioned wishes. For example, the unused arm can now be hidden within the mirror therapy in order to direct attention to the mirrored arm.

Multilingual system

To enable therapy between people of different nations we have added more languages. Previously, English, German, Italian, French and Dutch were available. Now you can also choose between Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Slovenian and Arabic.

You can also find more information on our update page:


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