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Prof. Dr. Mokrusch as Senior Advisor Neurology

We are very pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Mokrusch, Professor of Neurology, has joined CUREosity as a Senior Advisor and will advise us on topics related to neurology and neurorehabilitation.

Prof. Dr. Mokrusch practiced, for example, at Spittal an der Drau in Austria, and taught at the University of Liverpool and the University of Weifang. From 1994 to 2019, he acted as Medical Director of the MediClin Hedon Klinik in Lingen and the Reha-Zentrum Gernsbach. Since 2021, he has been Medical Director of the Center for Rehabilitation in Schwaan. In addition, Prof. Dr. Mokrusch pursues various honorary positions on boards and advisory councils, including the German Society for Neurorehabilitation, the German Brain Council, and the German NeuroRehabilitation Association.

With this expertise he will support CUREosity in the future and give us valuable impulses. We are looking forward to our collaboration!


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