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CUREO 3 Release!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

After we already announced it at the end of last year, we are even more pleased to announce that our update CUREO® 3 is now available for all our existing and new customers! The following highlights await you:

  • More gamification in various programs

  • Playful exercises for fine motor skills of fingers and hands

  • ADL cube for cognitive challenges

  • Increased data security

  • Documentation of therapy

  • Faster calibration

  • Ease of use

  • More languages

Gamificaton in VR

Gamification has a positive influence on motivation and therapy success. This is proven by studies and feedback from our patients. New competitive high score modes activate the reward system and sustainably promote fun, motivation and performance of patients even over longer therapy periods.

Archery with different targets

Our archery is already known from our previous CUREO® version. What is new now is that there are targets at different distances that must be shot at with the arrow. In addition, aiming aids can be added to support the patient. This trains concentration, perception and an upright posture, while at the same time reducing stress.

We have also made our environment more realistic to give users an even better feeling of immersion, i.e. of being immersed in the virtual worlds.

Kite flying in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most popular environments in CUREO®. While in CUREO® 2 the kite was controlled freely through the air, we have now added clouds or cloud rings that the kite has to fly through. Thereby points can be collected, which are displayed on a highscore board at the side. As a special challenge, thunderclouds appear, which must not be hit and train the selective attention.

Fine motor skills exercises for fingers and hands

In CUREO® Update 3, additional finger exercises are available that are targeted and can be used for fine motor skills. These allow an even wider range of motor challenges as well as better selection and therapy of individual fingers.

Training complex movements of the hands and fingers in the Meteor game

The Meteor game is a popular choice for many patients and offers many new features with CUREO® 3. Firstly, the meteors must now be caught with the open hand or fist, if selected. Indicators on the meteors show the respective movement. On the other hand, some meteors follow spirals, which have to be followed with the hand. Hereby the patient trains motorically complex movements.

Extension of the finger module

In the finger module it is now possible to select at which places of the palm or the fingers the balloons should appear. This provides the therapist with additional, even more precise training options, which can be selected according to the patient's needs.

ADL cube

During rehabilitation, it is important to reaccustom the patient to tasks that he or she encounters on a daily basis. Therefore, we have newly developed the ADL cube to master these challenges in a playful way. For example, a switch can now be operated interactively, levers can be moved or wheels can be turned.

Increased data security and documentation of therapy use

The security of all patients' data is very important to us. That's why we added 256-bit encryption of all data (AES-256_CBC) in the CUREO® 3 update to further protect data such as therapy progress. In addition, they are even more easily accessible for the practitioner.

In addition, the documentation is clearer and more comprehensive: for example, individual therapy minutes or the duration of use of the modules are displayed.

Faster calibration and easier operation

In the stressful daily routine of therapy, it is essential to keep all processes as simple and efficient as possible. Based on the many feedbacks we receive from patients, doctors and therapists, we have further optimized our system. The user interface is even more intuitive and calibration is also more reliable.

New languages

In the meantime, CUREO® is already in use in many countries around the world. To avoid comprehension problems, we have added more languages. In addition to the existing languages, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, Slovenian and Spanish are now available.

You would like to get to know CUREO 3? Use our contact form or make an appointment directly with our sales department!


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