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Review of MEDICA

Updated: May 9, 2022

Four exciting days at the trade show are behind us. All the many impressions must now be processed. We are glad that the MEDICA could take place again in presence and that we had the possibility to present CUREO live. After all, especially with our therapy system based on virtual reality, it is important to experience the immersion in the virtual world yourself.

We were able to make many new contacts and show what CUREO can offer. Whether student, doctor, physiotherapist or simply interested person - there was hardly anyone who was not immediately enthusiastic about CUREO.

Via our large screen, all visitors could directly experience what the individual testers of CUREO experienced in VR and thus get an even better impression.

In addition, we gave several presentations and welcomed press teams to our booth.

Over the time, we have already shared pictures, videos and information here on the blog, but also on our social media channels. To make everything visible at a glance, here is a short summary about all the many moments:

Team at MEDICA:


Reportage of day 1 and 2:

Reportage of day 3 and 4:

Dr. Feiler, Head of Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of NRW, visits the CUREosity booth:

Telemedicine at MEDICA (from the beginnig of 3:16 starts the part about CUREosity)

And the belonging interview shoot:


Jannik Schmitz and Caesar van Heyningen in the Tech Forum:

Thomas Saur in the Health IT Forum:

Thomas Saur_MEDICA_CUREosity
Thomas Saur_MEDICA_CUREosity

Our corporate video, which we produced especially for MEDICA:

More impressions from our booth:


We are already looking forward to MEDICA 2022!


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