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The "Parkinson Tester" visit CUREosity

In the German YouTube series "Die Parkinson Tester", a project of the Parkinson's self-help group JuPa RLP-Süd, people with Parkinson's, their friends and relatives explore various places and products that are particularly interesting and relevant for Parkinson's patients. In August this year, Parkinson Tester Stefan and Dirk visited our CUREosity headquarters in Düsseldorf to learn more about virtual reality therapy with CUREO and to test it live on site.

The visit was packed with new impressions und experiences: First, Stefan and Dirk had an in-depth conversation with our CVO Thomas Saur and learned how he and the other two founders came up with the idea for the CUREO therapy system and why playful therapy in virtual reality is so motivating and successful for patients.

Then they had the opportunity to meet Klara Jürgens, physiotherapist at CUREosity. Before their visit, Klara had alreasdy spoken at length with Jule Ecke, physiotherapist at the specialist clinic for Parkinson's and movement disorders at the Segeberger Kliniken, before explaining to Stefan and Dirk in detail what is important in Parkinson's therapy with CUREO. But of course there was more than just talking: Dirk tested his way through the various modules for Parkinson's patients and found that although the therapy games in CUREO are fun, the training is also quite strenuous.

The last stop was with our developers and designers, where Luc and Maik, together with Thomas, showed them how our team works every day to make CUREO better and better for our patients and for the therapists who use it.

We were delighted to welcome the Parkinson's testers and wish Stefan and Dirk all the best!

See the complete YouTube video here (German language only):

Link to Video

More information about the Parkinson's self-help group JuPa RLP-Süd:


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