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Video shooting for Ministry of Economy

Today, the online lead agency Digitas Pixelpark was in our office to set up the grü website on behalf of the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy. Among other things, it's about the story behind the start-ups, the hurdles, the risks, the tips that founders give to those who also want to start a business.

Now CUREosity has also been profiled. Our founders Thomas Saur and Stefan Arand were interviewed, and our CFO Caesar van Heyningen also provided insights into the financing of a young company.

Digitas Pixelpark had already visited us at MEDICA to experience our therapy system CUREO live and to record patients using it.


All these impressions will soon be seen in the finished video, which we will of course show on all our channels. We are very excited about the result and thank the whole team already now!


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