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VR therapy from a physiotherapist perspective

In recent weeks, we have already introduced Prof. Dr. Hauptmann, head physician of the specialist clinic for movement disorders and Parkinson's disease at the Neurological Center of the Segeberger Kliniken, and Prof. Dr. Haubrich, neurologist and head of the neurological practice in Düsseldorf. The two talked about what benefits they see in VR therapy. In our latest video, we feature physiotherapist Jule Ecke, also from the Segeberger Kliniken.

Ms. Ecke currently works in the telemedicine-supported day clinic and primarily treats Parkinson's patients with CUREO, but CUREO is also used in occupational therapy under the supervision of Ms. Kirchner, also a therapist.

VR therapy compared to physical and occupational therapy

Ms. Ecke shares her own perspective on how she finds VR therapy, the differences from analog physical or occupational therapy, or how the training process worked out.

We've noticed that when you give patients high-intensity therapy with CUREO, you get really great results!"

This and more is shown in the video:

Here are the other videos in the series on how to integrate CUREO:


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