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VR Therapy in Cologne with CUREO®

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The Neurological Interdisciplinary Treatment Center (NiB) in Cologne will henceforth also be using virtual reality therapy with CUREO®. We are pleased to be able to win over another facility with the center, which is known for the specific and individually tailored therapy that are carried out for the patient.

Founded in 1998, many patients have already been successfully treated at the NiB. Patients are treated on an outpatient or day-care basis so that they can continue to live in their familiar environment. The goal: to successfully reintegrate the patient into everyday life or work.


The NiB focuses in particular on rehabilitation after stroke, of patients with craniocerebral trauma, paraplegia, MS or other impairments of the central and nervous system. Since CUREO® covers these indications, our VR therapy system fits perfectly into the concept of the NiB.

VR therapy in Cologne


During our visit at the beginning of the week we handed over our system and gave an initial training so that CUREO® can be used correctly. Of course we also directly presented all our novelties of the update 2.0.

We explained how the individual tools can contribute to the relief of the therapists as well as a more efficient therapy. For example, we showed the function of the training plan, with which the therapy can be planned in advance and carried out automatically.


We are looking forward to further cooperation and thank the whole team of NiB!

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