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ZDF Report: CUREO VR Therapy at Long Covid

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

In an exciting report by ZDF, it is shown how CUREO can be used as a therapy method for Long Covid patients. In addition to acutely affected covid patients, many people struggle with the long-term consequences of the disease. These can be treated efficiently with CUREO.

In addition to acutely affected Covid patients, many people also have to struggle with the long-term consequences of the virus.

For example, ZDF recently reported on the Long Covid patient Birgit, (see report) who has been suffering from chronic exhaustion and muscle pain for almost 2 years.

(Source: ZDF contribution see below)

At BG Unfallklinik Berlin, the CUREO virtual reality therapy system is also used to provide fine motor and memory training for Long Covid patients.

Long Covid Therapy

"Long Covid now includes more than 200 known symptoms. The main focus is on physical and psychological, reduced stress in everyday life," says Dr. Schmehl, director of neurology at BG Klinik Berlin.

Many patients have to wait weeks for therapeutic help. "It is all the more important to help those affected quickly, unbureaucratically and effectively," says the ZDF report.

(Source: ZDF contribution see below)

The whole report about Birgit can be found in the ZDF-Mediathek:

To learn more about smart, time-efficient therapy with CUREO, visit us here:


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